Is your Google AdWords campaign costing you a BOMB?

Does your Google AdWords campaign just burn cash or is it a money making machine?

One of the biggest marketing expenses a business has is their search marketing or Google AdWords account. More often than not, the focus here is on clicks, and trying to get these clicks as cheaply as possible, but quite often with little success. Why? Because your competitors can simply keep increasing their keyword bids and force you to do the same to remain competitive.

No one wins in a ‘Dutch auction’.

The focus should really be on turning these clicks into customers, and by doing this more cheaply than your competition, you can then out bid them.


Can you tick off all the boxes below? If not, give us a quick call. (…and there’s so much more than this)

tickIs Google Analytics linked to the AdWords?

tickIs AdWords conversion tracking set up?

tickIf so, what is the current conversion rate?

tickAre you testing different landing pages?

tickHow many Ad copies are being run per Ad Group?

tickAre these Ad copies being tested for conversion?

tickWhen was the last time any work was truly done on the account?

tickWhat is your cost per lead?

So ultimately what’s the answer? Put simply… an AdWords campaign which delivers twice as much value as your competitors’ campaigns.