So what is split testing and how does it lift the conversion of my website?

Split testing involves sending a certain percentage of traffic, (usually a 50/50 split) to an alternate version of your current website. Think of it like a survey to an audience on what they like and do not like. They then ‘vote with their feet’ (so to speak) by creating a conversion. The more conversions a Variation gets, the more money you make. It’s that simple.

So how do we decide the winning split test?

We test and measure the number of ‘likes’ (i.e, conversions), on each test to ascertain what your audience has confidence in. The determining factor in deciding the winner is measured strictly on the amount of conversions each version of the site gets, and we track these religiously.

Variation A is the winner.

Split Testing Conversions

So how does it all work and how does traffic get split between the test variations?

We use specialist software to split the traffic between the differing variations. Those visitors that see your current site, (the Control), will always see your currents site. Whilst those that see the alternate version, (Variation A), will always see variation A.

In this way the split test data always remains true and accurate.

Independent verification of the test results & transparency.

What we do is very black and white. It either works or it doesn’t and independent third-party software is the only way to truly gauge the effectiveness of any test results.

We use Google Analytics to track the results of all tests which details exactly which version or Variation led to the conversion, and we can even tell you how much more money you make as a result of each test.

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